Saturday, January 19, 2013

File under "Too much information"

I've been reading a lot today about osteoporosis. You know, because research is "me search." As a 39 year old otherwise healthy male, and not a postmenopausal woman , I should not have this low bone density disease ...

unless there's a secondary reason. Well, i can rule out: excessive alcohol use, glucocorticoid use, anti seizure medications ...

the question now is hormonal imbalance. Testing showed that my calcium and parathyroid hormone levels were ok, Vitamin D was mildly decreased, and my SPEP and UPEP (to check for mutliple myeloma) were fine.

But, my testosterone wasn't checked, and I believe low testosterone is a common secondary cause of osteoporosis in young males.

Could I have low testosterone?

Then it hit me, (warning, TMI part coming up) ... as an adolescent I was diagnkawd with having a varicocele.

So ... varicocele --> low testosterone --> osteoporosis --> stress fracture!

Well, I still have to have testing next week and see my endocrinologist next week, but if this pans out ... then I have to thank RUNNING and my INJURIES for unveiling an otherwise hidden health problem.

Weird how things work out, and how there are reasons for events in your life.

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