Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Couch to Crutches to ... ?

So I saw my orthopedic surgeon today, and he confirmed, I have a compression side femoral neck stress fracture:

(not my actual MRI).

So I have to be on crutches and non-weight bearing for at least 2 weeks, and no running for at least 4 weeks.  Reports are variable, but recovery time can be much longer than that ...


Yes my hip and groin hurts.  Yes it hurts to walk on it.  Yes it hurts to not be able to carry my own dinner plate because I'm on crutches.  It hurts that my family has to help me with anything, and that my coworkers have extra duty to cover me.  but.

but what hurts the most is that I can't run.

I actually found something, a sport, an activity, that I truly love.  I had no idea how much I would like it, and look forward to it, and be addicted to it!!  A few months ago I was a verified couch (and desk) potato.  Literally no excercise.  Then two weeks ago I ran 13.1 miles on my own, not for an official half marathon, but for me!  and it was great.

I know it's not over.  Not at all.  This is nothing in the long run.

But I want to run now.

I'll do the right thing though, I'll rest, I'll stay off that hip, I'll recover.  I'll do physical therapy or whatever it takes, and slowly get back into training, and I will complete the Atlantic City Half Marathon, the Walt Disney World full Marathon, and ultimately,  the Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge.

This blog is not over.


  1. Oh my gosh! I know your pain, really. I love running and I took me a while to get there but I was on my way to running the 2012 Boston Marathon and 3 weeks before, I finished the 21 mile training run and a few hours later I couldn't put any weight on my left leg. I was told you have the beginning of a stress fracture in your hip. 3 weeks to my first marathon and it was all done. I know your pain.

    Stay strong

    1. Thank you so much Amy!

      I am sorry you missed Boston with your injury. I know you will stay strong as well!