Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cereal, Spirit of the Marathon, the Spring Lake Five

So here I am.  Sitting, 'cause I can't do any weight bearing.  Walked around a little on my crutches.  It's not my first time on crutches (I've sprained my ankle a couple times in the past), but I don't remember it being this much of a pain...

Carrying anything (like a drink or something) is an ordeal.  I'm actually now hobbling around wearing a backpack ... ironically the swag bag they gave out at my last race, the Ocean Medical 5k.  It's got my ipad, phone, and chargers.  all i need for now I guess.

Sucks.  Two weeks ago I ran 13.1 miles and now walking a couple steps to put cereal back into the pantry is a challenge.

I flipped through Netflix and by chance I came across "Spirit of the Marathon,"

Looks good.  I got through about 6 minutes of the actual movie, and yes, it's good so far and looks inspiring, but I had to turn it off all of a sudden when I realized I couldn't run.  Yes, I know I WILL be able to run, but i can't run now.  And today is the first full day on crutches, and first day really that it's hitting me.

yes, I know there are more serious health issues out there.  but I really wish I could get around.  i feel bad too that people are covering me at work, indefinitely.  This is no vacation.

I also realized fully that I will not be running the Spring Lake Five.  This is a tradition here on the Jersey Shore.  It's a five mile run around and through the picturesque shore town of Spring Lake, beautiful really ... that kicks off the summer.  I've lived here my whole life and it's a big thing.  I think I read somewhere that it's the biggest five mile race in the country (10-15,000 participants).  I even got up early on the day of registration to get in.  (registration was sold out and closed within hours!)

I was so proud of my entry.  I got in!! and not just that, I was running it!! and I knew I was not only going to finish it, but maybe have a decent time, for me anyway.  My maintenance runs past 2-3 weeks had been about 5 miles each, so this race was going to be fun.

And the swag was cool so far, a nice Tech t-shirt, a pint glass, and the top 100 male and female finishers get a stoneware mug!  all finishers get medals.

wayyyy looking forward to the race.

but then this happened.
and i can't run it.

I've already gotten offers for my entry.  It was $40 and there's a $15 transfer fee.  fine, I guess i could sell it (and give away the swag, because i don't want to wear the shirt if I didn't earn it).  But it just hurts not being able to run it.

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