Thursday, September 20, 2012


Day 4 today of elliptical.  20 minutes.  Still not like a long run of 10+ miles, but still felt nice.  One of my goals was to run the Walt Disney World Marathon this July 2013.  Because of my injury, I was sidelined and my training has been pushed back.

Last week I had a revelation, and that I could feasibly run the Walt Disney World Half Marathon instead!!  I emailed runDisney to transfer but unfortunately they could not accomodate me as now both the marathon and the half marathon are sold out.

Oh well.  Might be for the best.  Now I can just concentrate on getting better slowly, and properly, instead of rushing to run the race.

Don't get me wrong ... the goal of running a Goofy in 2014 still stands!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Baby steps again

Today I "exercised" for the first time since my injury 4 months ago in May. Per doctor's orders, I can pretty much only do nonimpact exercises now, like elliptical, stair master, bike, or swim.

Well, I do have a boring old elliptical down in the basement, so I went down with my iphone this morning excited to exercise, but expecting that i would need some music or podcast or something to get me going... Here's the thing, when I ran, I did not need any music, or iphone, or anything to keep my mind occupied. Running itself gave me a thrill and kept me going. The scenery, the cliched "wind in my face," even the other runners who would wave in encouragement and acknowledgement, that would keep me going. And most of all, that euphoric feeling at the end of a run..that sense of accomplisment, and seeing how far I'd run... That kept me going.

But this morning, i expected I would be stationary, staring at the blank basement wall while on the elliptical, indoors, and needing some music.

What I experienced was totally different. Afterwards, anyway. As this was my first exercise session since being sidelined, i knew i had to take it easy. I was on a nonresistance setting , on an elliptical, and going at a slow 60 step per minute pace. Barely "walking" on an elliptical. And I only went for 15 minutes. A far cry from my 2 hr long run of up to 13.1 miles that I did not too long ago.

But I actually felt it when i got off the machine. Just that 15 minutes gave me that familiar sense of heavy jelly legs, and yes some euphoria. I had almost forgotten what it was like. And i loved it. I'm exercising again!

And i can't wait till tomorrow.

Baby steps. Whatever it takes.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Victory for me today.

No, today I did not run a race, finish a half marathon, a marathon or even the Goofy Marathon.  I did not even run.  When I started this blog, I looked forward to the day that I would do one of the above and use the word "winner" or "victory" or "mission accomplished" or something like that.

But I got injured ... and sidelined ... for over 3 months.  Crutches, scooter, cane.

My goal stays the same, but today I will celebrate my own victory, of a different type:

Today my doctor told me I can start exercising again!!

I stopped using my cane about 5 days ago, and I feel great walking around on my own.  Funny how you only appreciate what you have when you don't have it.  Cliche' but oh so true.  My doctor said I can start using the elliptical and maybe a stationary bike for the next month, in the meantime only continue to use my bone stimulator for a week or two more.

And then ... one month from now ...

I can start running again.

True, only a half mile at a time.  But I will be able to start running again.

It seemed like every day over the last 3-4 months someone would say to me, "No more running for you!" or even one said these words, "so your dreams of running again are shattered!"

I tried to stay positive, and kept myself confident that I would start running again, and now I know.

I will be running again.


Thank you!! Of course my friends and family have been a great support, but I offer a special online thank you to the WISH boards on and also on the Femoral Neck Stress fracture / reaction support group on the Runner's World forums, for helping me get through this.  On the internet you find out really quick, you are not alone!