Thursday, May 31, 2012

Free Swag from Brooks!! (this is torture i can't run!)

So, as I'm sitting around doing as much as I can (while seated) due to my injury, wishing I could be outside running in this gorgeous weather, I get tortured by a package I get in the mail from Brooks ... a free running kit!

(please note: I have absolutely no financial or other relationship with Dicks Sporting Goods or with Brooks Running.  I am merely a consumer).

I almost forgot about this, but a few weeks ago (before I was sidelined with a femoral neck stress fracture) I purchased a pair of Brooks Pure Flows from Dicks Sporting Goods.  There was an ad for a website for something called Run Happy University .  I suppose I registered and weeks later I get this cool running kit ... full of stuff I can't use because I'm not allowed to run right now.  ARRRRRRRGHHHHH!!!

(btw, looking back at the website, looks like purchase IS required.)

Well, if I can't use it now, let's see what's in it:

1). a welcome letter further promoting this Run Happy University thing.  Haven't explored the website much,
2).  A nice blue tote bag -- I guess to put all this stuff in.
3). a water bottle -- one of those cool reusable, foldable water botts.  16oz.  I have never used one of these, but you can't have too many water bottles.  need a couple for home, one in car, one in bag, etc.  (I'd been reusing poland spring bottles, aquavida bottles, and the like, hehe)
4). an official brooks run happy training log, with some stickers inside to mark "race day," etc.
5). Strawberry GU chomps energy chews.  definitely have to try these (next long run, come on!).  I've been using Clif Bloks myself, which I like.
6). Chocolate Outrage GU energy gel. -- haven't really used gel in runs, I don't like the idea of mess, and so far I like energy bloks.
7). Lemon Lime GU Brew electrolyte drink tablets.  to make your own while running.
8). Body Glide balm -- will save for marathon
9). Body Glide powder -- ditto
oh, here's something I can use now:
10). Perform Pail relieving gel!!

oh, and there's one more thing in the bag ... what's this, no:

11).  a booklet entitled, "A Step by Step guide to running INJURY FREE."
Well, thanks Brooks, maybe I could have used you a couple of weeks ago, before I got injured.  haha.

No, all in all a nice little sample package.  not bad for free.

Walking a few steps now without crutches, but I still need it most of the time.  Will keep updated.

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