Friday, May 25, 2012

Thank you, Meghan Rabbitt!

On the night that I found out I had a hip stress fracture and that I wouldn't be running for a while, I came upon an article totally by chance, written by Meghan Rabbitt for Runner's World, entitled The Bright Side.

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It's about coping with injury when you're sidelined from running, and primarily looking at the upside and learning from the situation.  Absolutely a worthwhile read for any runner, or any athlete for that matter.  Without going into detail (since Meghan Rabbitt has done a brilliant job in the article which you should read), the learning points are: cross training, listening to your body, coming back slowly, and being positive.  Seemingly basic but absolutely important points that unfortunately sometimes takes an injury to learn.

In it, Rabbitt quotes injured runner Allison Lind, who was then training for the NYC Marathon, "Just wait.  You're going to appreciate running so much more."

I love it.  This article could not have come at a better time, and at around midnight after I read it I went ahead and emailed the author Meghan Rabbitt thanking her.  (she responded very nicely, which made my day).

So enough of this.  Today I'm going to feel good.  While on crutches, I've been carrying around this little 5k swag backpack that I got for my last run (and injured myself).  I nixed it and exchanged it for Disney's Castaway Club pack that Disney Cruise Line gives to repeat Cruisers, because it reminds me of Castaway Cay and the awesome time I had on that 5k run.  I put Mickey stickers (the ones they give away to kids in the Walt Disney World parks), on one of my crutches, I put on a tech T-shirt, and will be wearing my Nike Pegasus 28, the shoes that started it all for me.  (I had 1997 version of the Nike Pegasus, got away from running, and when I got back into it 6 months ago, I got the new edition.)

Thank you, Meghan Rabbitt.  I will be appreciating running more!!!

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