Monday, May 28, 2012

One week.

It has been over one week since my last run.  This is my longest lay off (I think), since I caught the running bug 6 months ago.

Injury, O injury, why must you hurt me so?

I reviewed my running log which I had kept from day 1.  Pretty meticulous at times, stating distance, location, time of day, temperature and conditions, hills, which shoes I wore and if with any inserts, how I felt physically and mentally, if and where there was pain, what technique or form focus I tried, what fuel if any, and self suggestions of what I could try for the next run.

I figured I could go back and analyze it somehow.

Now I'm injured, and reading back I could pinpoint it to the first run I wore my then new Mizunos (which Ive since returned for other reasons), but I'm not going to blame them.

Did I get injured from the classic "toos?"

Too much too soon.  Too fast too far, they say. my case it was too stupid.  I ran, it hurt.  I kept running, it hurt more. So what did I do?  I ran even more.

That's what I did one week ago.  And now I'm lying in bed at 8:40am with my leg propped up...(oh yeah, we took a trip down to the ER last night to rule out a DVT.  Good news, no clot).

By this time most weekends I would have gotten my long run in. 

Oh how I miss you long run.  13.1 was the last I saw of you, can't wait to see you again.

Now I worry about deconditioning, I worry about gaining weight, I worry about atrophy.

But stop!

No more worries, stop!  Patience.  Patience will heal this.

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