Sunday, October 7, 2012

Second chance

Today I RAN for the first time since my injury 5 months ago. After a month of self-rehab on the elliptical (getting up to a one hour easy session) ... I ran today.

Nothing super special, no celebration, no pat on the back ... it felt very natural actually, and a couple of times i had to consciously remind myself to appreciate it. But i was careful, timid actually, excited and happy with a twinge of fear mixed in. I do NOT want to get injured again.

If i didn't get injured, at this point i could have been tapering down my long runs in my training for the Atlantic City Half Marathon to be run in 2 weeks. This was originally my first big goal, I have since deferred my entry for this year, and i am very ok with that. Content and not frustrated anymore.

If it wasn't for my injury i could have also been ramping up my training this week, as i had also registered for the Walt Disney World full Marathon for 2013. The AC half marathon would have just been another long run in the training for Disney. (I'm still in contact with runDisney on how to defer that entry).

But no. Today was not a long run of 10-13 miles or more. It was not a maintainance run for 3,5,8 miles or whatever. It was a first run. Again. I ran, or more correctly, did a walk-run, as i did Week 1 of the couch ton5k program. Yup, run 60 sec, walk 2 min. Repeat for 20-30min.

It felt good, but i didnt want to get hurt, so i concentrated on form and stepping lightly and not pushing.

This is a second chance. A do-over. I get to do it right this time.