Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby steps ... AGAIN

Quick update on my status ... (mainly for my own documentation really)

I got some labwork done this morning -- LH, FSH, ACE, prolactin, testosterone, and endomysial antibodies.  I already got CBC, CMP, Ca, PTH, Vitamin D, SPEP, and UPEP.  My endocrinologist is just trying to rule out secondary causes of osteoporosis, given that I'm a 39 year old male!

I just saw my orthopedic podiatrist ... he says there is good healing on the MRI and ankle Xray of my tibial stress fracture, and now I can partially weight bear!

Yay!  but what does that mean?  Well, I can put 40-50 pounds of weight on my ankle (I tried it on a scale to get a feel, as the doctor prescribed) for 2 weeks, then on to full weight bearing during the 3rd week.

That means I still need the scooter and crutches.  I'm working with no day off for the next 2-3 weeks (including weekends), and am on call this weekend.  I was hoping to be walking fully this weekend, but this is actually okay, I'd rather use the scooter than crutches anyway.  I can just practice my partial weight bearing at home.

That being said, I have to be realistic about the races I had registered for.

There is the Allstate 13.1 Marathon in New York City on March 23, 2013.  Even if I was running (and I'm not), that would only give me 8 weeks to train.  Doable, but I'm only partial weight bearing.  I was planning on walking it anyway, but even then, even if and when I am full weight bearing in 3 weeks, that gives me 5 weeks to train.

C'mon now.  I'm positive, and optimistic, but I have to be realistic, and NOT FRIGGIN HURT MYSELF AGAIN.  So I'll back out of the Allstate Half, maybe defer till next year.

Now ... I am also registered of the NJ Half Marathon (Long Branch Half) on May 5, 2013.  now that's certainly interesting.  If and when I'm full weight bearing in 3 weeks, I can do a walking program and train to walk the Half in 11-12 weeks.  That sounds doable.  It will be great rehab.

So that's my short term goal for now.

(yes, Goofy is still in my sights for 2014).

I am seeing my endocrinologist on Friday (2 days from now), so we'll see what transpires then, based on some of the labwork that was done today.

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