Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Week 1 Day 1 -- and so it begins

I received my Hoka One One Bondi B running shoes in the mail today from Road Runner Sports. They recommended ordering a half size up, and wouldn't you know it these size 10.5s fit perfectly. I was so excited I slipped them on when I got home and didn't even change out of my formal work clothes. Felt the cushioning right away, and I took a few jog steps in my garage. Felt nice. soft yet stable.

After a quick dinner I headed out to the gym. It just so happens that today is the first day of Jeff Galloway training schedule for the Goofy! Yes, the original purpose and goal of this blog, from Couch to Goofy, is in sight. Of course injuries have plagued me this past year, so I didn't just run out the door and "run 30-45 minutes" like indicated and like I was able to do last year. But thankfully -- oh so thankfully -- I am off my crutches and boot, got the green light from my orthopedist, and yellow light from my endocrinologist, and I was able to hop on a treadmill today and do a run-walk session (60/90 sec ratio for now) for about 35 min. It felt great! Hokas were not heavy, and with the 4-6mm drop, it was pretty easy to land midfoot strikes. I was doing more shuffles, especially at 4.6mph, but who cares? I didn't care that my shoes looked like clown shoes, either. These might be the shoes for me, and I have to thank the Mickey Miles podcast.

Afterwards, my feet don't hurt, and other than my sweat and heart rate, I barely feel like I ran at all! My tight socks hurt more, lol.

I confirmed my registration for the Atlantic City half marathon today, too ... which falls just around the weekend where my long run is to be 15 miles. And so it begins. Yes!

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