Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Running Rehoboth

Rehoboth Beach sunrise

One of the best parts of running, and, probably the one that keeps me going and really fuels my runner's high, is that it allows me to be outside and explore new areas.  When I first started running, this part was very unexpected, but it was a very pleasant surprise.  When I used to run from my house to Point Pleasant Beach, I rarely ran the same exact route twice.  I would run straight towards the water (not going in of course), but when there I would go up and down the side streets, in and out of neighborhoods ... to build mileage, and in so doing, would explore as well.

I would look forward to going out of town, as it would offer me a new place to explore and run.
I had planned on blogging and detailing running at Walt Disney World when I went on vacation last year, but as fate would have it I got injured, so I blogged about beer instead (which wasn't necessarily a bad thing).

Last week my wife and I took a nice midweek getaway with my best friend and his wife to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.
Well, the purpose was to check out the Dogfish Head Brewery, take a tour, and get in some tastings:

I may have to devote an entire post to this brewery started and run by Sam Calagione, and the wonderfully delicious craft beers Dogfish Head creates, like the classic 60 minute, 90 minute, and 120 IPAs, and the rare Midas Touch, which is made with honey and saffron.  Delicious.

Anyway, we spent the night at Rehoboth Beach, which is a beautiful little beach town.  It reminds me so much of my home on the Jersey Shore, but this had a definitely unique character to it.  We of course had dinner and later after-dinner beers at the Dogfish Head Brewpub:

The next morning, I got up and out at 6am and took the opportunity to do my Week 4 Day 1 30-45 minute run by exploring the town before the crowds came.  I did a casual 1:1 walk-run ratio, and stopped here and there to take some pics.

Afterwards, it didn't feel like I run at all.  True, it was a walk-run session, and only 30-45 minutes, but seeing the sights, and new landmarks, and experiencing new terrain, was really enjoyable.  It is exactly what I love about running.  And it felt great.  I am not taking this for granted.  I remind myself that for 8 months I could not walk without assistance, but now I am focusing on wellness.  Thank you!

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