Thursday, August 1, 2013

Red light

My orthopedic surgeon cleared me to run ...
My orthopedic podiatrist cleared me to run ...

However, today, my endocrinologist said two words to me: "No running!"

I told him that was great, and I do feel relieved in a way.  It is the right thing, especially given my injuries, and it will save me from a great deal of anxiety whenever I feel pain.  I promised myself I would listen to my body.  And listen to my doctors.

But wow.  How I wish I could run.  I got back into running just recently, and exactly one month ago I started training for the Goofy Challenge, albeit run-walk, but hey, I was running.

I have deferred and DNS'd so many races due to injury I really lost count.

And now what?  I'm going to miss the Atlantic City Half Marathon?


The 2013 Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge??

I've already booked a hotel room for the AC Half, and a bunch of us are registered ... and for January 2014 I've already planned my trip to Walt Disney World for Marathon Weekend.  14 of us will be there to run, and have fun!!! ...

 except now you can count me out.

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