Sunday, July 14, 2013

W2D3 -- Galloway in action

I did w2d2 (30 min treadmill) run the other night at the and it was okay, but today, wow. Felt awesome. It was hot and around noon, and no, probably wasn't a good idea to run at that time, butI knew it was going to be a relatively short distance (4 mile long run) and frankly I had no other time today.

I went to the bike path near my house and started a 1:1 walk-run for 4 miles. According to Galloway, a 1:1 corresponds to a 13:00 pace. I was always confused, as did mean 13:00 pace during the run portion? Or the average for both walk and run. According to podcasts and forums online, he meant it would be your average pace. But he doesn't specify how fast to run during the run. Surely someone running 6:00 pace during the run portion of 1:1 would be faster than an average runner.

So I didn't think about speed, just cadence, form, and really being strict about the walk breaks. And wouldn't you know it, I did 4.0 miles in 50:33, or 12:45 pace! Galloway was right!!

A little after mile 2, I felt it ... a smile, that warm excited feeling, the runner's high that I had loved and was addicted to before my injuried when I was doing my 10 mile long runs. I'm a different person now, and appreciate it even more, and said, "Thank you!"

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