Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Strange relief

I need to post this now ...

Found out today more about my injuries, and the possible cause of my osteoporosis: hypercalciuria.

My PMD's office informed me that my 24 hour urine calcium was high, as was my creatinine clearance, and other labs so far are ok.

I will make an appointment with my endocrinologist to get more advice and to see where this is going.
Looking through treatments, looks like dietary (not necessarily more calcium, but regulated.  Cut down on alcohol, caffeine, oxalates, animal proteins ... will have to investigate further).  And possible treatment with thiazides +/- bisphosphonates.

Whatever it is ... right now I feel good.  It's like this strange relief that there is an answer to all of this, why I got stress fractures (osteoporosis) and why I have osteoporosis (hypercalciuria).

More to come.

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