Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Different Kind of Marathon

Not exactly the kind of marathon I wanted to participate in ... but today AMC is showing The Walking Dead Marathon, for those who want to catch up before tomorrow's season premiere.

I'm not really a regular fan of the show, I guess I've only seen the first season.

But in any case, today I'm actually wlking like the walking dead! I'm limping around the house on my boot, WITHOUT my crutches! Went to work today too with some crutch assistance, but definitely walking more.

I see my orthopedist in four days, hopefully the boot comes off then. When I'm barefoot, I feel a little pressure/pain on the top lateral part of my left foot, and I still can't lift up on tippie toe on my left foot. But it feels much better and stronger in the boot. At least I can weight bear now.

Walking. Like a zombie. Back from the dead. Now the marathon. The Walking Dead Marathon.

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