Monday, May 6, 2013

It's working!

I saw my endocrinologist two days ago and he had good news for me -- the medications were working and my labs were normal! Basically, my labs are showing signs that I'm not spilling as much calcium and that yes, I am now building bone.

He said no running yet, though. Maybe not until August. I feel like I'm Jack fromt the series Lost (best TV show ever) ... SPOILER ALERT ... after season 3 (I think) when he keeps flying on airplanes back and forth hoping it would crash just to get back to the island. Well, I don't want anything to crash! But I do want to get back to the island, the island of the runner's high. I still exercise (doc says I can walk, but I sense he wants me to be careful about the elliptical) and I still enjoy the feeling of exercise ... but it doesn't feel the same.

Vacations are a great distraction ... like a drug. This past April, the day after we got back from our cruise on the Disney Wonder, I went back to work. It was auch an irrational feeling, I felt ok at work, as if work itself was a distraction from the post cruise depression that I would have to deal with when I got home.

Well, Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 2014 is in my sights. I've had to push back my first marathon several times already due to injury and health, most recently the New Jersey marathon held yesterday. I wasn't even cleared by my doctor to WALK the half marathon.

We'll plan it like this ... get better, start run/walking in summer, walk the Atlantic City half marathon in october 2013, then walk the WDW half marathon with my wife and walk/run the full to complete the Goofy.


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