Sunday, April 7, 2013

It's the truth. I can't help it.

I walked 8.1 miles today. Straight; stopping only to tale a couple gulps of water and to go to the bathroom. It took me over 2 hours, but I did it. I should be elated ... A couple of weeks ago I was limping, a couple of months ago I was on crutches, and wearing a boot, on a scooter. For eight months I was injured, out of commission, unable to put full weight on my right hip, then my left ankle.

And today I walked! Far! And ... I should be happy.

But I'm just frustrated.

I want to run.

I see others running past me ... I see posts on Facebook, everyone seems to be running now ... Half marathon here, 5k there ... Training for the Goofy ... training for the Dopey (more on these Walt Disney World marathon challenges later...)

And last year I was running, and was able to run ... far ... half marathon ... Training for full and Goofy.

And now? I'm just walking. I know, I should be thankful. I should just swallow my pride and rejoice that not only am I "back to normal" and able to walk ... but that I'm still fit enough to walk 8.1 miles?

But selfish me. Now i've decided to train for the Long Branch Half Marathon, 4 weeks away. But I will walk.

Swallow my pride and walk. I was doing everything in my power not to run today, I know I could ... But I don't want to get injured again.

I finished the 8.1 mile walk today. No sense of major accomplishment. No runner's high. No satisfaction.

Still wish I could run. It's the truth. I can't help it. That's just how I feel.

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