Sunday, June 3, 2012

Two weeks, thank you

It has been two weeks since my last run ... an injury sidelined me, and today I give thanks, because today is the first day that I am completely off crutches.

I am still limping, mind you, and certain positions still ache, and stairs aren't easy, but I didn't even think about crutches today.

That was fast. Now, it is far from over, and I am not allowed to do any impact exercises, but wow, a few days ago I could barely weight bear. What surprised me was this progression. Of course I have been researching femoral neck stress fractures and femoral neck stress reactions. Many sources cite a 6 week crutche/non-weight bearing period because of the location, high risk of nonunion, risk of progression to full fracture, etc. I was actually apprehensive when my orthopedic surgeon said I would on crutches only 1-2 weeks. But he was optimistic, and he was right.

Now, don't get me wrong. I will not be jumping into anything. I will be careful. I will follow doctor's orders.

I do NOT want to get injured again.
I will run healthy. I will run happy.
I will run.

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