Friday, February 7, 2014

Thank you!

About one month ago at this time my family and I were getting ready to head down to Florida ... for the 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon.  My son ran the 400m dash at the Disney Kids Races, my wife ran her first half, the Walt Disney World Half Marathon, and I achieved my goal of running the Goofy Challenge (half plus full marathon) after recovering from injuries, pretty much the point of this blog.

But this journey is by no means over!!

I was looking forward to recapping that whole weekend at some point here -- the Expo, the Kids Races, the Half Marathon, the Full Marathon, the rest of the magical vacation week with my big family.  I likely will someday.  But there is so much I want to say about it, and so much I want to relive, I may not be able to do the experience justice at this time.

For now I just want to say thank you.  Thank you for this experience.  Not just the training, and the race, the event, but for future experiences as well.  Thank you to my family for putting up with my weird schedules in "getting a run in" at odd times, time away from family.  Thank you for supporting me through my injuries as well.  I wasn't able to walk without assistance for over a year!!  Thank you to other runners -- other family members, cousins, friends, elites whom I have met and others whom I haven't --  who inspired me and kept me going, who, by accomplishing your own goals, motivated me to accomplish mine.  Thank you to my injuries -- yes, my injuries -- because of you, I learned about my osteoporosis, and allowed me to seek help from the talented physicians who put me on the right track to health.  Thank you to my naysayers, who told me, "you shouldn't run anymore" and "find another sport." -- you helped me prove you wrong. :)  Thank you for my patience, I did not know I had any, because of you I was able to realize that letting my body heal and not running for some time allowed me to run later, for longer.  Hopefully for life.  Thank you for my recovery.  You allowed me to train smart, and have a wonderful experience running that goal race.  Thank you for allowing me to swallow my pride and keep my ego in check, and accept that by running slower and running smarter, and yes, even walking, I could enjoy this pastime longer.  Thank you Walt Disney World.  It was because of you that I got into all of this!!

Thank you for now.  I am healthy now.  I have learned my lessons, and am continuing to learn.  And my journey -- and this blog -- is not complete.  This is a lifetime journey.  Every mile is magic.  Can't wait for my next run.

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