Friday, January 10, 2014

Here we go!

It hit me probably today.  In a few hours I'll be getting up to have pre-race nutrition, and with my family head to the start corrals so i can start the Goofy Challenge.  It really just hit me today that the time is now, and that i'm really here ... And it hasnt really hit me fully yet.  Past couple of days have been hectic -- and in a way, distracting -- so i haven't thought about it yet.  Packing, travelling, picking up our race packets, bibs, shirts, checking out the expo, meeting up with other family members who are running, awesome kids races today, eating, fueling ... Haven't had time to dwell on the actual running i'm about to do.

It's here.  The whole purpose and goal of this journey, is here.

Here we go.

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