Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How quickly focus changes

A few months ago I was shopping around technology for running ... I was using the app iMapMyRun as a GPS on phone device, and I was considering getting a GPS watch (those Garmins look great) ... and maybe even asking for one for my birthday.  Would have been a fun (but not necessary) addition to my running gear.

Well, this year's birthday has come and gone, and I did not get nor even ask for a GPS watch.  Because of my injury, I had to stop running.  And instead of a $200 (or more) Garmin Forerunner GPS watch to help me track my miles, I got this:

This is an Orthofix 3315 Bone Stimulator.

Yup, bone stimulator ... prescribed by my orthopedic surgeon to help heal my stress fracture. I have to wear it 3 hours a day for the next 90-180 days.  The GPS watch has to wait.

How things change.

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