Monday, August 6, 2012

The Healing Power of Disney

ok, I promise not to be New Age or religious in this post.  Not intentionally, anyway.

(Disclaimer: this is not a substitute for professional medical advice and may or may not pertain to your particular condition.  Consult your physician for your own health needs.)

Evidence (and common sense) suggests that a good sense of well being, and, perhaps, "positive thinking" has an effect on healing and recovery.  Shorter recovery times, and less pain, have been observed.  Cancer patients and others have used hypnosis to decrease pain.  Whether it's one being able to deal with it better, or the mind actually affecting physiology, I don't believe that it could be a bad thing, as long as "positive thinking" is an adjunct, and not a substitute,  for adequate medical care (my opinion).

The week before we left for vacation at the World, I tried to use a cane instead of a crutch, and I was not able to.  I walked with pain, and it felt too unstable.  I called my orthopedic surgeon and he suggested I continue the crutch and even use an electric scooter while at Walt Disney World.  I followed his advice and it was the best decision.  I was not fatigued, and I was able to sit and actually enjoy the surroundings for once.

The day after we got back from our Disney Vacation, I took out the cane, and have been able to walk with it now for a week.  This is certainly an "upgrade" from the crutch.  I feel like I am walking faster, smoother, and can go longer periods of time without pain.  Much longer than I did before the vacation.

Yes, it's probably because I rested on vacation.  Yes, it's probably because I caused less stress and had less weight-bearing on my hip over vacation.  Yes, it's because I recently started on a bone stimulator and now am experiencing bone healing.

But I also think yes, I was in a good mood, in my favorite place, with my family, and ... and I just felt good.
There's nothing necessarily magic, religious, or spiritual about it.  Just common sense.  You feel good, good things should happen.  And Walt Disney World happens to make me feel good.

Whatever the reason, I feel much better now.  Now if I can somehow schedule another Disney vacation to really complete this healing process!

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